GM Membership

Our simple, no-fuss membership options lets you choose the level of protection you’d like for your furry or feathery friend.

Global Micro Basic Membership

If you’ve just had your pet microchipped and want to register it yourself, our Basic Membership is exactly what you need. It allows you to:

Cost: $10 - A one-off fee valid for the lifetime of your pet

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Global Micro Gold Membership

This is our VIP membership for pet parents who want to store their pet’s information securely in the cloud and access our range of security systems to keep them safe and sound. It allows you to:

Cost: $30 per pet, for three years!

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Tips on Finding Your Pet

When our furry friends go missing it’s easy to panic, so we also suggest you familiarise yourself with our guides on finding lost pets. Knowing what to do in advance saves wasting time if your pet does go missing and lets you do something positive to help find it.

Global Micro Spotter Network

As an animal lover, you can understand how devastating it must be to lose a pet. By joining our Global Micro Spotter Network for free, you can help make a difference.

As a GM Spotter, you’ll receive an SMS when a pet goes missing in your area. The text will include the breed, colour and name of the pet, as well as its contact details so you can help reunite the lost pet with its owner.

If you receive an SMS or email, you won’t need to do anything special. Simply keep an eye out for the missing pet as you’re shopping, driving or going for a walk. There are no costs or fees involved in becoming a GM Spotter.

A growing Global Micro Spotter Network is not only a great way to support other pet owners in the local area, but will increase the chance of being reunited with your own pet, should it ever go missing.

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