Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to microchip and register my pet?

In most states it is a legal requirement that all cats and dogs (excluding some working farm dogs) are microchipped for life. Some councils also require your pet to be registered with them after the microchip is implanted. We recommend that you contact your local council to find out whether this applies to you.

Registering your pet makes it easier to find them in the event they get lost. Almost any animal except those that are bred for human consumption can be microchipped and registered, including zoo animals, birds and reptiles.

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What is a microchip?

A microchip is a very small device—about the size of a grain of rice—that is implanted professionally under the skin of your animal. The microchip contains a unique identification number that can be read by a microchip reader. The microchip is encased in biocompatible glass so it lasts the life of your pet and has no effect on the animal.

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Will microchipping hurt my pet?

Microchips come in different sizes. The standard size is 12mm x 2.12mm but new mini-microchips are available that measure 8.50mm x 1.40mm. Both standard and mini-microchips cause minimum pain to your pet and a reassuring hug or pat will have them back to their normal self in moments.

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Why should I register my pet with Global Micro Animal Registry?

Registries run by local councils are primarily concerned with being able to identify a pet and its owner after the pet has been found and handed in to a council or private dog pound. Often there are fees and/or penalties imposed on the owner for losing their pet.

We believe in reuniting owners and pets as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve developed the Global Micro Gold register. Once you realise your pet is missing, you can send an alert from your computer or smart phone to vets, animal pounds, councils and the Global Micro Spotter network in your local area and surrounding suburbs straight away. The alert provides full details of your pet including a picture and contact details. Additionally, ‘Lost Pet’ posters are immediately available for printing and distribution.

Our cloud-based, geographically-targeted alerts work throughout Australia, so even if you’re on holiday or moving to another state, we’re there to protect your pet.

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Why do you need so many details when I register my animal?

Quite simply, the more details we have on record to contact you, the quicker we can reunite you with your pet should you ever become separated. If you are a Global Micro Gold member we will send you a reminder email every year to ensure your details are up to date.

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My pet has a collar and a tag, do I still need to register it?

Yes. There are two reasons to microchip your animal. Firstly it is a legal requirement in most Australian states, but more importantly a collar and/or tag can be lost or removed which leaves no way of identifying your pet. Microchipping your pet means it can be identified by a microchip scanner at a vet or council dog pound, so you can be contacted and arrangements made to reunite you with your pet.

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What animals can I register?

Global Micro can accept registration of any animal that can be microchipped. Unlike a number of local councils and other registries, we have a wide variety of animals on our database including horses, pigs, birds and a variety of zoo animals.

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Can I change my registration details?

Yes, you can change your details at any time online, however you can’t change the breed of your pet, microchip number or your name. Australia Post says 17% of Australians move every year, so it is very important that your contact details are kept up to date. If you are a Global Micro Gold member we will send you a reminder email every year to ensure your details are up to date, giving you a greater chance of being reunited with your pet should it ever go missing.

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Can I change the ownership details of my animal?

Yes, you can change details of your pet ownership at any time. Follow this link to our Change Owner page to see how simple it is: Change Owner

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What should I do if my animal is lost?

Once you realise your pet is lost, login to Global Micro Animal Registry to record your animal as missing and print ‘lost pet’ posters to distribute in your local area. We also recommend that you contact any family or friends where you or your pet frequent, as well as calling local vets, animal shelters and dog pounds.

If you have a Global Micro Gold Membership, simply hit the ‘find your lost pet’ button on the home page or your phone app and all vets, animal pounds, local councils and the Global Micro Spotter network in your immediate and surrounding areas will be notified instantly.

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Who has access to my details?

Access to your registration details is strictly controlled. If your animal is missing and found, the scanned microchip simply tells the scanner (usually a vet or council dog pound) the microchip number and lets them know it is registered with Global Micro. They can access our online service and notify you that your animal has been found, where it is and the best way for you both to be reunited. Authorised vets, animal pounds and councils also have online access to retrieve your information as quickly as possible.

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How secure are my details?

Global Micro Animal Registry uses the latest in security technology and access is controlled by ID and password access. We also provide backup systems to ensure that even in power outages our system is still accessible so we can quickly reunite you and your animal.

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How much does it cost to recover my pet?

It costs you nothing to recover your pet through Global Micro Animal Registry. Please note that if your animal is handed to a council run animal pound you might be subject to a fine.

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What should I do if my animal dies?

In the sad event your animal dies, we would appreciate you notifying us by logging in and updating your details so we can update your records accordingly.

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Where can I download your forms?

You can find Global Micro forms on our website under the Forms tab.

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Where can I read your privacy policy and T&Cs?

All our policies are located at the bottom of any page on our website.

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I am a Vet/Implanter and don’t have a Global Micro ID number

You can apply for a global micro login online, simply click on the following link:

Please email us at or call us on 02 8338 9063 if you have any additional questions.

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