Welcome to Global Micro Animal Registry, Australia's most innovative microchip registry.

It doesn't matter if you are a vet, breeder, microchip implanter or a pet parent, Global Micro knows the importance of keeping our furry friends protected with prompt and accurate microchip registration.

For vets and implanters our industry first, Global Paperless™ Registrations, offers a low-priced lifetime registration for all pets. Simply login, enter the details and it's all done in less than a minute, while our simplified litter processing doesn't take that much longer!

Our traditional Prepaid Registration Forms can be faxed or emailed to us for same day processing! We don't need the original forms, and we never ever go home when there is a registration to be processed.

Offering a 24/7 service for lost pets, Global Micro Animal Registry is setting new standards and becoming the microchip registry of choice for vets and implanters around Australia.

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